For more than 15 years we have been providing to more than 1500 clients efficient, reliable and worldwide logistics solutions concerning goods and personal belongings. Our team of highly and suitably experienced professionals will come up with individually-tailored solutions taking into account the specific requirements and needs of our clients. It is our task to learn about the challenges on the market and to provide efficient management of the flows of information, materials and capital goods. Our experts fluently design, organize, communicate and manage the relevant processes in order to provide cost-efficient transportation and to guarantee competitiveness at any level of your business.

We provide integrated services for the supply chains of our clients – international and national transport with any vehicles and crafts (road, air and ship transport), as well as the relevant complete customs brokerage services and insurance services, warehousing, freight handling, etc. We have the technological capacity to monitor and manage the relevant processes so that the requirements of our clients are properly fulfilled. You can fully rely on us and our partners worldwide to provide efficient and seamless transport of your goods or personal belongings.

Our knowledge of the specific features of this industry and of the legal regulations applying to it, our expertise in preparing any documents pertinent to our services, as well as the good communication of our team with all interested parties, allow us to properly and efficiently fulfil any task – from offer preparation based on your enquiry to cargo delivery to any address of your choice.